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David Schwartz spoke about the features of XRPL DEX


Ripple CTO David Schwartz spoke about the features of XRPL DEX.


Ripple CTO David Schwartz spoke in detail about the features of XRPL DEX. On Twitter, he explained the reason for creating a material about this:

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The XRPL (the world’s FIRST DEX) presents a huge opportunity to expand on its promise of fast, affordable liquidity. As many contribute to its evolution, I often hear, “how is the XRPL DEX unique?” or “how can I access it?” I took some time to explain.

The material itself was presented in the RippleX developer blog. It named DEX as the beating heart at the center of the XRP ledger (XRPL), providing fast, low-cost, and expanding liquidity across the network. Key benefits and functionality were also named.

It all summed up with an indication of what the future of DEX will be:

Ripple, as one contributor to the XRPL developer community, continues to introduce feature and performance enhancements to the DEX. Currently, Ripple engineers are designing a proposal for a native automated market maker (AMM) that would allow for fast, low-cost token swaps and lower impermanent loss through a novel auction mechanism. A unique AMM implementation could also allow those who provide liquidity for AMMs to yield a large share of the profits that are normally taken by arbitrageurs—in addition to returns earned from trading fees. If implemented, liquidity providers and traders alike can benefit from more customizable orders, better pricing by liquidity aggregation across different DEXes and a better user experience. Ultimately, these changes could help the XRPL leapfrog other DEXes and enhance the enormous advantages the XRPL DEX already offers to traders, liquidity providers and developers. But whether today or tomorrow, the DEX will always deliver on the promise of fast, affordable liquidity.

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EXMO affiliate program

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